Big Cup

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Perfect for Special Events

What's the main challenge in hosting a big hole event? Cutting the big holes!

Golfers love big hole events. They're a terrific way to introduce an alternative fun to the game. But, it's complicated for the maintenance department to make the event a success. Extra equipment must be purchased, and extra time must be taken to carefully cut, maintain, and replace turf. It is a challenge, and one that many golf courses don't like to take on.

The Big Cup is the perfect way to add these events without damaging the greens or adding maintenance expense. Big Cup takes the regular 4.25" cup and expands it to over 8" with a simple above ground addition. No expensive extra equipment, and NO HOLE CUTTING!

Use for:

  • Special Events
  • Long Putt Contests
  • Charity Scrambles
  • Corporate Outings

Perfect for Junior/Beginning Golfers

Does putting frustrate your new golfer? Big Cup is perfect for those experiencing the game for the first time. Every other sport is taught using an altered field, court, or goal to make it simpler for beginners to experience success and enjoyment. No such thing exists for golf, and as a result, early success on the golf course for beginners is minimal. The Big Cup allows at least one aspect of the game to be easier for beginning golfers. A little success can instill good memories, which can instill a lasting love for the game. Perfect for 3-holers, 6-holers, and beyond!

Perfect for Individual Play or Practice at Home

Are you ready to add a little fun and simplicity to the game? Try the Big Cup on the days you want to PUTT LIKE A TOUR PLAYER. It's lightweight and simple to use. During your next round, feel like Steve Stricker, instead of ... well ... you!

Perfect Gift for The BAD Putter In Your Life!

We all know someone!  Maybe it's you!  

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