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Laser Link Switch - OPEN BOX
Laser Link Switch - OPEN BOX
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Size 6.5" x 1.5" x 3.5" (8 ounces w/ battery)
Price $149.00
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This Switch is from an "open box" that has been returned to Laser Link Golf.  "Open box" units include rangefinders that were used as golf shop demo units (not used outside), trade show units, and/or units that were part of promotional programs.  All units are certified as performing "new" and in some cases have been used only a few times.  However, cosmetic flaws and/or blemishes may appear on the outside casing.
Purchase of this rangefinder includes:
  • FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING to addresses located within the USA
  • FREE LaserJacket protective cover
  • 12-month Limited Warranty
 Switch Info

Switch combines the simplicity and ease-of-use of the QuickSHot rangefinder with the power and versatility of the Red Hot rangefinder to create a unit that is the best of both worlds.  It truly is the power of two rangefinders combined into one convenient device.  Features include:


  • A conveniently located and simple to use Switch allows you to choose which functionality suits your needs. 
  • Trademark pistol shape that allows the rangefinder to be operated away from your eye, so there is no need to adjust your hat or sunglasses to use it effectively.
  • Zero-In Alignment System - Works in conjunction with the red dot alignment system to make target acquisition and measurement simple and fast.
  • Range in QS (QuickShot) Mode:  25-600 yards (23-549 meters)
  • Range in RH (Red Hot) Mode w/ LLG reflector:  4-900 yards (4-823 meters)
  • Range in RH Mode w/o LLG reflector:  4-600 yards (4-549 meters) 
  • Designed to measure distance only, so as to conform with USGA and R&A Rules of Golf.

 *  Some players will find it challenging to get easy measurements to the flagsticks without a flagstick reflector in place.  Laser Link flagstick reflectors are strongly recommended in order to receive consistently simple measurements to the flagstick.

* Outlet Store products cannot be purchased using the TRADE for the UPGRADE Program or any other discount programs/coupons unless explicitly stated in the offer.

Does your clubs have flagstick reflectors?  Contact us today to learn how EASY it is to get set up!

Product:  Switch
Model:  LLS-1200-OB
Dimensions: 6.5" x 1.5" x 3.5"
Weight (with battery):  8 ounces
Class One Laser
Power Source: 9-Volt Battery (alkaline only)

Accuracy:  +/- 1 yard
Display:  LCD

*Carrying case included.

*Price includes FREE Ground Shipping via UPS (shipments within US only)

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