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Switch Tour
Switch Tour
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Size 5.375" x 2" x 3.125" (6.4 ounces w/ battery)
Price $299.00
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The Laser Link Switch Tour is the rangefinder for the golfer that wants everything.  All of the simplicity and ease-of-use of our QuickShot 2.0 rangefinder is combined with the versatility and power of our RH2 rangefinder to create the best of both worlds.  It truly is the answer for the golfer who wants it all.
  • Two rangefinders in one - With the simple slide of a conveniently located toggle, the Laser Link Switch Tour rangefinder changes instantly from QS Mode to RH Mode, or vice versa.  The user can decide what they want – the easiest to use rangefinder in the world with QS Mode, or the power to do more with the RH Mode.
  • Zero-In Alignment System (ZAS)The ZAS combines our unique red dot aiming reference with an alignment circle included on the forward lens of the rangefinder.  Target acquisition is fast and simple, and measuring the distance to any target on the golf course is easier than ever.
  • Laser Link Golf’s trademark pistol shapeBecause this is not your typical binocular-shaped laser rangefinder design, golfers find it more intuitive and easier to use.  The pistol shape of Switch allows you to operate the product away from your face.  What does this mean?  There is no need to remove sunglasses, and no need to adjust your hat to measure your yardage.  Sun damage is the #1 health concern for golfers, and almost all players now wear sunglasses and/or hats to help protect themselves from harmful UV rays.
  • Customize your yardage confirmation settings – The feedback from the rangefinder lets you know you’ve received a yardage measurement and that you have the distance information you need to play your next shot.  Select from Audio Mode, Silent Mode, and Vibrate Mode.
  • Measures in yards or meters.
  • Measures DISTANCE ONLY - This rangefinder conforms to USGA and R&A Rules.  If a product measures slope, wind velocity, or any factor other than distance, it is not allowed for tournament play, AND it is not allowed for posting a handicap score (See USGA Handicap System Manual Decision 5-1f/2).

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      Model:  LLST915  Dimensions:  6.5” x 1.5” x 3.5”     Weight (with battery):  8 oz.    Power Source:  9-Volt Alkaline    Accuracy:  +/- 1 yard 0 - 900 yards in RH Mode  


      *Carrying case included.

      *Price includes FREE Ground Shipping via UPS (shipments within US only)

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